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Together with his bigger brother (the BonVes 45) the BonVes 34 are the newest members in the BonFeu family. The BonVes 34 is based on the BonSolo fireplace and the BonVes 45 is based on the BonBono garden fireplace. The perforated steel provides a beautiful view of the fire.

BonVes 45 Rust/Black

Productcode: 217537123517253
279,00 €Prijs
  • Color: Black or Rust
    Material: Steel
    Dimensions: Ø 45 H 100 cm
    Standard included: Grill grid
    A plancha is optional (Art. nr. BPR6.450G)

    Weight: 13,05 kg

    BonVes 45 Rust | 4502R
    BonVes 45 Black | 4502

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